"The future of wearable technology is being compared to the evolution of mobile devices and the internet.  Wearable technology is currently a 14 billion dollar industry and will grow to 34 billion dollars by 2020" ~ Inc Magazine.

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Step #2 - Refer The HELO And Earn Income

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Message from Tija...

Tija Jackson - Direct Seller, Entrepreneur & Investor


Hello, I'm Tija and I'm the one that sent you the text message. I'm sure you're as skeptical as I was while in search for a better way of finding a legitimate way to earn additional income from home to support my family. Before we connect and time is wasted on either end, please view this short video which will give you a better idea of the opportunity available to find out if it's a fit for you. After the video you'll have an option to learn more about me, purchase a device or contact me direct. Enjoy the video!